Managed Services

Evolution Systems has been providing managed information technology services to clients since 2006. We specialise in security, disaster recovery, technical support, business telephony, endpoint management and more.


We have a range of managed service plans to ensure your business has access to our wide range of technical experts, fully backed by Service Level Agreements.

Gain insights into your support activity using our online customer community to ensure you are getting the level of service that your business needs.

Our plans are flexible and can even cover your business with 24/7 support provided by our Australian-based team.

Endpoint Management

Every business has endpoints connecting to their applications, from desktops to mobile devices making data security increasingly more challenging.

Our Endpoint Management solution can enable your business to monitor, protect and backup your endpoints to maximise uptime.

We have remote monitoring in place to work both and without existing technical teams and ensure that software assets are audited, tracked and updated.

Our Endpoint Management product also has a fully integrated and monitored threat-protection solution to minimise the threat of cyber-security breaches.


At Evolution, we’re constantly monitoring and backing up data and in the event of an outage or cyber attack, ensuring that your business can be back online without losing important information or being subjected to costly ransoms.

As part of EVO’s managed services plans, we take a consultative approach to backups and tailor a service to fit your business requirements. Talk to us about backups today.

Subscription Management

Simplifying subscriptions for IT related services has saved our clients countless hours. We manage  third party subscriptions from Office365 through to operating systems and SSL certificates.

We even assess your subscriptions before they fall due to ensure your business isn’t spending money on third party services that are not necessary.

Benefits of our Managed Services Plans

Volume Incentive Discount

Each plan offers a scaling discount from our standard time and material rates.

Service Level Agreements

You want support when you need it.  Each plan comes with a Service Level Agreement to allow you to categorise each support issue and know we will be available when it matters.

Documentation of Process and Procedures

We take the time to document your IT processes and procedures to ensure that all stakeholders have a transparent view of what we do.

Live Monitoring and Risk Management

Our monitoring and alerting solutions allow us to have an eye and an ear across your entire environment including IBM Power / Intel servers and endpoints.

We monitor 24/7, 365.

Always Available. Always On.

Ready to see how Evolution could change your business?