Standardise, control & secure your assets with a
single Mobile Device Management Platform

Managing company assets is a complex process that can become more difficult and time-consuming with every new device added to the organisation’s fleet. For businesses with hundreds or even thousands of assets – often across various device types, brands, and operating systems – keeping track of all devices, standardising on applications or introducing advanced security measures can become quite a challenge.

Evolution Systems’ Mobile Device Management Platform puts you firmly in charge of all your company’s devices. It enables you to seamlessly manage your Windows, OSX, Android and iOS devices from a single platform, without the need for separate applications for each device type or operating system.

You can deploy applications across devices, secure devices to limit user access, remotely wipe, lock and control, and leverage several additional functionalities. And with AI-based security features providing real-time insights for enrolled devices, you can rest assured that all your assets remain compliant in line with your business requirements. Our MDM support is subscription-based, so there are no upfront costs and you can easily scale as your business grows.

Looking for a better way to manage your entire IT environment?

Evo’s MDM Platform allows you to easily manage:

  • More than 100+/1000+ company devices
  • Various asset types including desktops, laptops, mobiles & tablets
  • Different device operating systems (Windows, OSX, Android and iOS)
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5 Reasons how Evo can help you simplify your MDM challenges


Simplify the management and security of smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables and IoT


Isolation of personal and business data


Protect corporate data and uphold compliance with industry regulations


Discover endpoint vulnerabilities and align with industry best practices


Meets many industry and global compliance standards including ISO 27001

If your organisation is looking to…

  • Centrally monitor assets used by employees such as laptops, mobile devices and tablets
  • Ensure compliance of devices, including having the latest version of the OS installed
  • Apply security measures to secure devices
  • Standardise applications across assets
  • Improve asset tracking

You need a single platform that allows you to…

  • Manage a range of Windows, OSX, Android and iOS devices from one place
  • Centrally deploy applications to devices & identify apps that haven’t been updated
  • Allow policies to be pushed and updated to enrolled devices Enable:
    • Encryption
    • Kiosk Mode to limit device functionality
    • Single Sign On for supported applications such as M365
    • Get real-time insights for enrolled devices thanks to AI- based security features
  • Standardise applications across devices and for BYOD plus easily whitelist/blacklist select applications
  • Take advantage of advanced asset tracking and geofencing capabilities including Remote Lock and Remote Wipe for assets with unknown location

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