Upgrade your phone system to a customised
solution that supports mobility & growth

For many organisations having a traditional phone system that remains tied to the office location and relies solely on using physical phones is not enough anymore. Instead, they are switching to unified communications solutions powered by voice over IP (VoIP) technology which, thanks to their flexible nature allow the solution to quickly adapt to workplace changes and scale as required by the business.

  • Have your business communication needs outgrown your existing phone system?
  • Is your organisation looking to move to a scalable unified communications solution?
  • Are you using a communications solution that doesn’t meet all your requirements?

Tailored communications solutions to fit your organisation’s needs

Evolution Systems has partnered with multiple vendors to develop a range of solutions to suit any business requirement. This could be anything from simply being able to make and take calls with afterhours capabilities or creating call queues for different teams. You can choose a system that leverages the public cloud or decide to host the system in our private cloud in our Tier III/IV data centre. Whatever your requirements are, we will work with you to understand them and then design and implement a customised solution utilising the most appropriate vendor.

VOIP is a great option for organisations seeking a solution that:

  • Utilises public or private cloud
  • Supports flexibility & mobility so your users are not tied to the office
  • Delivers softphone-based capabilities while also allowing for physical phones to be used
  • Provides greater resilience than traditional phone systems
  • Gives you visibility of the number of calls made to the business
  • Offers call centre functionality without the associated costs
  • Keeps you in charge of your phone system allowing to set custom messages, control when lines open, and more
Let’s talk about supporting your company’s enterprise communication needs.

Evolution System can help address your organisation’s infrastructure needs by:

You don’t have to be concerned about…

  • Settling for an “out of the box” VoIP solution that doesn’t meet your business requirements
  • High costs associated with setting up a VoIP solution
  • Requirement for a physical phone + Being tied to a location with traditional phone systems
  • Limited functionalities resulting from being tied to a specific vendor

You can leverage…

  • A custom VoIP solution that’s developed, implemented & managed by Evo to fit your organisation’s specific needs
  • License costs based on the amount of simultaneous calls and not extension number + Unlimited extensions
  • Being able to use a softphone and/or physical phones if required
  • • App available for iOS and Android devices
    • Instant messaging capabilities
    • Integrated video conferencing
    • Setting up call queues to control phone calls*
    • Custom call queue messages*
    • Controlling when lines open & close*
    • Centralised phone book for users*
    • Visibility of users*
    • Integration with Microsoft 365*
    • Integration with CRM* (Salesforce, Zendesk, ConnectWise)
    And more…

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What are your business communications needs & requirements?