Consolidate your Microsoft licensing & leverage a convenient subscription model

Organisations across Australia are used to sourcing their licenses for various Microsoft products from different vendors in order to get the best pricing. But keeping track of individual licence limits and expiration dates while monitoring consumption and ensuring ongoing compliance can prove challenging.

What if there was a better way to manage all your Microsoft licenses while taking advantage of a convenient & flexible pricing model?

Evolution Systems is a Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) Partner, licensing a wide range of Microsoft Products, including Server Standard, SharePoint, SQL, Office Product Suites, and Remote Desktop Licenses.

We can help you manage your current licenses, ensure all your products are Microsoft-complaint, or/and centralise your organisation’s licensing to make it more transparent and easier to manage.

If you have multiple Microsoft product licenses you might be considering:

  • Consolidating your licensing
  • Moving to a subscription-based licensing model
  • Changing to a simpler licensing model without large upfront costs
  • Ensuring your products remain Microsoft-compliant
Let’s talk about your addressing your Microsoft licensing needs

Manage your Microsoft Licenses with a transparent subscription model


Improve your cashflow with monthly subscriptions.


Remain compliant with complex software licencing.


Access all the latest software and upgrades.


Software licensing can be complex, our experts make it easy to understand.


As your business scales, you simply pay for the licences you consume each month up or down in accordance with demand.

Team up with Evolution Systems
to address your licencing needs
and leverage these benefits:

  • Centralised licensing that eliminates the need to keep track of each license separately.
  • Subscription-based licensing model, with month to month licensing or an annual subscription, depending on what’s more convenient for you.
  • License per user, per processor, or per core.
  • Easily scale license requirements up or down as needed, based on your current demand.
  • No need to perform True-Up every year, where you need to purchase additional licenses if consumption is more than the allocated licenses.
  • Quicker access to latest product versions.
  • Convenient way to ensure all your Microsoft products remain compliant.

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